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  • Best prices for business program participants
  • Assistance in installing and configuring management systems
  • Active support 24/7/365
  • Transparent business models

Reseller Program

Become an LLHOST INC. Reseller Partner and start your successful hosting business without any investments. Joining the Reseller Program, you get access to special discounts and a range of services that you can sell directly to your customers.

You can sell ready-made products under your own brand and at better prices through reseller discounts, offer your customers hosting services based on the provided infrastructure and much more.

How it works

Reseller Program

Sign Up and Join Our Reseller Program For Free

Go through a free registration process and become our Reseller Partner

Reseller Program

Customize Your Services and Prices

Set up your service portfolio and prices for each product

Reseller Program

Generate Profit and Enjoy Your Reseller Hosting Experience

Attractive reseller environment and 24/7 active support will ensure that you achieve the best results possible

Your helpful tools to become a successful hosting reseller


White Label Services

Resell great LLHOST INC. solutions to your clients under your own brand name.


Billing Setup and Configuration

We will help you install and configure the billing and server management system for free. You can also purchase the appropriate licenses from us.


Personal Infrastructure

You can deploy your own network infrastructure based on our points of presence. We are always happy to assist partners with the selection and purchase of the necessary equipment.


Proactive Support 24/7

Our support team is available round-the-clock to provide you and your customers with high-level assistance and efficient solutions. We understand your needs and do not contact your customers directly without your participation.


Progressive Discount System

The discount provided to resellers directly depends on sales volumes. Expand your business, increase your personal discount percentage and offer customers the most attractive prices.


Advanced Security

We understand and respect the specifics of the reseller activity, so we will never contact and work with your customers directly. Your customers are your own merit, and therefore your own income.

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Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is an excellent solution for those who know how to sell, but do not want to devote much time to business processes. By placing our referral link, you get the opportunity to earn a percentage of each product order made through it.


Join LLHOST INC Affiliate Program

Fill out our online registration form and get a personal affiliate link.



Place your personal affiliate link on your web resources. Our registration system will identify any user who visited the LLHOST INC. website and made a purchase using your link as your referral customer.


Get Income

You will receive a one-time monetary reward for each purchase made through your referral link, as well as monthly rewards for the whole period while your customers keep the service active.

Key benefits


Reliable Tracking

Our affiliate tracking platform thoroughly monitors each visitor or referral, so you can be assured that the affiliate commission will be calculated and paid very accurately.


Creative Promo Resources

Take advantage of a wide range of affiliate links and text ads to attract referrals. Our promo tools look awesome on any website.


Results Monitoring

Track your monthly income, results and affiliate program performance from your account. View detailed reports to optimize your promotion strategy and increase your extra income.


Active Support 24/7/365

Technical support, product advice and financial queries are no longer your task. Our team solves any customer issues without your participation. All you need to do is attract new customers and increase your income.


Combined income

The client who used your referral link brings you income twice. First, you receive a one-time reward when they make the purchase. Secondly, you get monthly rewards while the service remains active.


Withdraw money to your balance

You can withdraw funds earned from the Partner program to your balance and use them to pay for services purchased from LLHOST INC.

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Compare Programs

Check the features and differences between the Reseller and Affiliate programs and choose the most suitable one for your business goals.

Reseller Program Affiliate Program
Brand under which the service is sold Your brand LLHOST INC.
Service components At your discretion According to LLHOST INC. tariff plans
End price for users At your discretion According to LLHOST INC. tariff plans
Partnership type Reseller Discount Reward for referred customers
Commission Depends on the trade margin you set for end users One-time reward for each new purchase and monthly reward for each user's active service
Receipt of commission payments Transfer of funds from your end users to your account Transfer of funds to your balance account in the LLHOST INC. billing system. The funds earned from the Partner program can be used to pay the services purchased from LLHOST INC.
Marketing tools and restrictions Marketing materials are not provided, no restrictions on marketing campaigns are imposed LLHOST INC. provides marketing materials upon request. The marketing campaign rules are regulated by LLHOST INC.
Technical support for program participants 24/7/365 24/7/365
Technical support for end users Not provided by default 24/7/365
Billing and control systems for end users Upon your request LLHOST INC. is ready to help you install and configure the necessary products, as well as provide appropriate licenses for temporary use LLHOST INC.
Services included in the program Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers Full range of LLHOST INC. services, as well as services provided within the LL-IX, Reg-Names and LL-Ticket projects
Partnership system Progressive: the level of reseller discounts directly depends on the turnover Static: the level of payments is constant, and does not depend on the turnover
Network infrastructure At your discretion: you can use LLHOST INC. network infrastructure or build your own based on our PoPs LLHOST INC. network infrastructure
Become reseller Become partner